November 23, 2017

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Library Minutes


(during Board Meetings)

1.  Public comments are permitted during the time designated on the board meeting agenda.

2.  The Board President may grant a request to address the Board during other portions of the meeting.

3.  The Board President will determine the order in which speakers will be recognized.

4.  Unless additional time is granted by the Board President, each person is allowed a maximum of three minutes to speak.

5.  Each speaker shall provide his/her name, address and group affiliation (if any).

a. if more than one member from a group wishes to speak, the group must select one representative of the group to present the group’s view.  In such case, the repsentative will be allowed to speak 5 minutes.

6.  Comments should be brief and to the point.  Personal attacks on Library Board members or staff members will not be tolerated, nor will language that is  considered  offensive, harassing, profane or repetitive comments.

7.  The Board President has discretion to determine the length of time and the number of times a speaker may speak.

8.  The Board President has discretion to determine the length of time and the number of times a speaker may speak.

9.  Members of the public will not be allowed to speak a second time until all members of the audience who wish to speak have been allowed to speak.

10. Minutes are a summary of the Board’s discussion and action.  Speaker requests to append written statements or correspondence to the minutes will not be honored; written materials presented to the Board will be included in the Library’s files rather than the minutes.

(Adopted 10/14/2013)


October 9th, 2017

 ATTENDANCE:   Cindy Schmitz, Bill Farr, Dara Thompson, Mike Foster, Natalie Epley, Bob Hall, and Lisa Lynch

EXCUSED:  Bill Brunderman, Barb Vits, and Peggy Eddy


Motion to approve - Bill Farr/ Second - Natalie Epley / Motion passed


Motion to approve:  Bill Farr / Second - Cindy Schmitz / Approved


- Circulation – 3,110

- The library set up a table with information about the library and a drawing for free books at the Fall Block Party.





Library Improvement Fund:  $36,900.76

Library Expense Account:  $46,386.50

Edward Jones Investment:  $125,619.49

Investment Centers of America:  $135,403.82


Board Policy and Job Description:  NONE

Budget and Planning:  NONE

Building and Repair: NONE

Personnel:  The Personnel Committee will have a meeting after the Library Board Meeting

Technology:  NONE


NEW BUSINESS:   The library board will pay out of the library expense account for some programming to be held at the library.  The Library Director (Lisa Lynch) will schedule the programming.

-The Library will be closed on Columbus Day.

Motion, Bill Farr  Second, Dara Thompson

The library will be closed the Saturday after Thanksgiving and the Saturday after Good Friday.

Motion:  Mike Foster    Second:  Dara Thompson

The 2017 calendar year the library will be closed the Tuesday after Christmas Day and the 2018 calendar year the library will be closed the Tuesday after New Year’s Day.

Motion:  Bill Farr    Second:  Natalie Epley

ADJOURNED:  Motion:  Bill Farr   Time:  5:55 pm

NEXT MEETING:    Monday, November 13, 2017, 5:00 pm – Pana Carnegie-Schuyler Boardroom